Montego Bay: Cornwall Court taxi driver and passenger gunned down

Montego Bay, St. James (McN) – The Barnett Street police in Montego Bay St James say they have not yet gotten the full identities of a taxi driver and a passenger who were shot and killed by gunmen along Kings Street in the parish on Tuesday night March 21st 2017.

So far the taxi operator has been identified as Bling Dog and the passenger known as Ras.

Reports are that about 9:00 pm the Cornwall Court taxi driver known as “Bling Dog” was heading from downtown Montego Bay towards Cornwall Courts with several passengers in his vehicle.

On reaching a section of the roadway he noticed that he was been followed by another vehicle.

He then discovered that he was been chased by another car with two men on board.

The men brandished handguns and opened fire on the taxi but on reaching a section of Upper Kings Street the driver pulled over and ran from the car.

The gunmen gave chase and shot him to death they then escaped in the waiting motor car.

The police were called and upon arrival it was discovered that two of the passengers were also shot.

All three victims were rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where the taxi operator and another male passenger was pronounced dead and the other passenger admitted in critical condition.

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