Cop Killed in Fiery Crash on Edward Seaga Highway

Police have confirmed the identity of a man who was killed on Sunday in a fiery crash along Edward Seaga Highway.

He has been identified as Constable Ramone Evans from the St Andrew South Division.

According to reports, Evans was on his way back home at approximately 8:00 am on Sunday, following a search operation with his team. The objective of the search was to locate suspects who are believed to have murdered District Constable Ricardo Jarrett, a 30-year-old officer who was stationed at the Darling Street Police Station. The incident occurred on Saturday.

Further reports are that the Nissan Sunny motor car in which the deceased was traveling was completely destroyed by fire.

Firefighters were  summoned to the scene and upon arrival the blaze was extinguished and the charred remains removed from the motor vehicle.

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