Confession: Pregnant in University

I am just in my first year of university and I got pregnant for this man that could be my father. It is my fault ’cause I was so desperate to live the hype life and I knew better. My parents work hard and try with me but I wanted to wear designer clothes and slippers too. It started out with me doing casual hookups with him and his wife then he and I started seeing each other privately. In December, I lied that I was spending holidays with my best friend and she went along with the lie, but we actually went to a villa. The wife thought he was away on a business trip. It was during that time that I got pregnant. I never smoked weed and got drunk before that time. He promised that it would make the experience better and I foolishly went along because I “liked” him and felt “privilege” that such a well-known, wealthy man was spending time with me. I know his messages must be filled with many women who would feel flattered if he even replied to them. I stay on campus and haven’t really been home so my parents don’t notice changes in me…or at least not yet. I want an abortion. He blocked me and I don’t know what to do. Maybe I’ll have to come clean to my parents but I know they will be terribly disappointed.

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