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Clansman and Family Remanded

Jamaica News, March 24, 2018 – Clansman and Family Remanded

Kingston, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Andre Bryan, popularly known as ‘Blackman’, the alleged leader of a fraction of the infamous Clansman gang based in Spanish Town, St Catherine, was remanded into custody when he appeared in the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston, Friday afternoon. Bryan was arrested and brought into custody just one week before the State of Public Emergency was imposed in St Catherine North Police Division on March 18.

According to Fitz Bailey, the Assistant Commissioner of Police, who also leads the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC ), Mr Bryan has been charged under the anti-gang legislation with attempting to recruit an adult to join a criminal organisation and with leading a criminal organisation.

It was a family affair in court on Friday, where Bryan’s mother Millicent Brown appeared in front of the judge on charges of participating in a criminal organization for allowing the facilitation of serious offences. His brother Kevaughn Green and girlfriend Alecia Brown, along with two others Davian Edwards and Boswell Rhoden were also charged.

The court understands that some of the accused are yet to settle legal representation and are set to return to court on April 6 for a bail hearing.

Speaking Tuesday at a press conference, ACP Bailey said that the internal feud within the Clansman gang was the direct cost of over half the murders committed in 2017.

ACP Bailey said the family were living or ‘hiding’ in an upper St Andrew community for over a year with a monthly rent upwards of US$1,500 or J$187,000.

According to Bailey, gun, extortion and the control of space is the main reason for the internal war by different fractions of the gang. It is said that Bryan has been in conflict with Tesha Miller, the head of another fraction of the notorious gang. This has led to contract killings in the old capital, simply for control of the space in St Catherine, especially those sections with very lucrative extortion rings.

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