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Cecil’s Farm Produces Big Yams

Alan Lewin - Mckoy's News Reporter

Jamaica News, February 22, 2018

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Cecil’s Farm Produces Big Yams:  Montego Bay businessman Cecil Sinclair is not only a Garage Operator but also a Record Producer and Farmer. Over the years, Mr. Sinclair has been known as the owner and operator of Cecil’s Garage located at 3 Fish Lane in Montego Bay.

During the 90’s he was a big record producer, with his “Super Love” record label producing several of Western Jamaica’s artistes.

Lately, Mr. Sinclair took some time out to tend to his farm located in the Shettlewood area of Hanover. His farm produces some of the biggest yams ever seen in the longest while.

For the past couple of weeks, he has been reaping some huge chunk of yams from his farm. Some weighing as much as 70 and 80 pounds. Yam is not the only ground provision Mr. Sinclair produces on his farm, he also plants bananas, plantains, oranges, coconuts, peppers, potatoes, and does a little pig rearing.

On Tuesday, February 20, 2018, he and some of his workers pose for Mckoy’s News with some of his big chunk of yams.

Cecil Sinclair in Blue shirt poses with his workers and some of the yams he reaped at his farm in Shettlewood Hanover. He will be giving away some of the yams to his friends and eat the rest with his family. Here he is in the company of Daisy Hurge and Oneil Williams.



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