Baby Lashaune Needs Surgery

2-Year-Old Baby Lashaune Needs Surgery Fast

Alan Lewin - Mckoy's News Reporter

Jamaica News, February 22, 2018

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Baby Lashaune Needs Surgery: ‘I have missed my appointment to Cuba with my baby to do his surgery.’ These were some of the words a worried mother told Mckoy’s News reporter while on a campaign to solicit money in Montego Bay on Wednesday, February 21, 2018.

Shanice Rowe travelled from High Mountain district in Linstead, St Catherine just to seek money, in order to secure US$12,500 for her baby’s surgery in Cuba.

Baby Lashaune Needs Surgery
Baby Lashaune Needs Surgery

She has tried several institutions, Councilors and Members of Parliament but was unsuccessful.

The baby is diagnosed with a rare sickness called ‘Walker Warburg Syndrome.’ It affects the eyes, heart and muscles. The baby can hardly see, walk or talk, but can respond to signals. So far she has raised US$5,550, from some Good Samaritans.

Last year, she was featured on the ‘Inspire Jamaica’ program with Curline Brown on CVM television and was able to raise $10,000 Jamaican dollars.

She plans to go from parish to parish on the island so that she can raise the balance of the money to meet the new March 23 deadline to go to Cuba.

She is appealing to Prime Minister Andrew Holness and some of the MP’s to help her with her only child.

Persons who are willing to help her can make bank deposits at the Jamaica National Bank, account number 2094 2448 41 or call her at 1-876-537 9000.

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