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Fikile Mbalula says Ngcobo Cop Killers Must Regret the Day!

Jamaica News, February 22, 2018 – Ngcobo Cop Killers:

Eastern Cape, South Africa (Mckoy’s News) – Bandits opened fire in a Ngcobo police station, Eastern Cape, killing six (6) police officers. The South African Police have now vowed to hunt down and capture “these barbaric criminals.” “No stones will be left unturned.” The community is beckoned to share information to capture to killers, says police.

  • Gunmen entered the Charge Room of the Ngcoba police Station before daylight last Wednesday morning and opened fire. Six cops were killed in the attack, one soldier living nearby was also killed, five officers were injured and are in the hospital.
  • The killer stole 10 firearms and a police vehicle.
  • Police Minister Fikile Mbalua, gives the order to hunt down and capture the gunmen. A special team has been assigned to this task, supported by the Airwing division.

Ngcobo Cop Killers: the Police in South Africa say there is no safe place in the country for the gunmen who entered the Ngcobo police station on Wednesday morning, February 21, 2018, and went on a random gunfire spaying spree; murdering Six Police officers.

A retired soldier who lived close to the police station became another victim of the attack when he was hit and killed by a stray bullet in the vicinity of his home. As reported by the Provincial police commissioner, Liziwe Ntshinga; gunmen in balaclavas stormed into police station’s Charge Office and began shooting at the officers, then left with the slain police firearms and a police vehicle. The vehicle has since been found.

Five other police victims remain in the hospital for gunshot injuries.

They must regret the day they sat and planned to attack the state

Eastern Cape police spokesperson Capt Khaya Tonjeni confirmed the stolen firearms. “We can confirm that at least 10 firearms were stolen from our safe and from the police members,” Tonjeni said.

Police Minister Fikile Mbalula, who visited the police station after the attack, has called for calm in the area, “I have instructed Gen Khehla Sitole (national commissioner of the SAPS) to hunt down these barbaric criminals and bring them to book. They must regret the day they sat and planned to attack the state.” Mbalula said. General Sitole said, “…no stone would be left unturned in hunting down the killers.” “I have activated a task team comprising of experienced detectives of the SAPS and the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation to investigate this attack,” he said.

Fikile Mbalula
South African Police Minister Fikile Mbalula

The detective task team will be supported by specialised teams with the added support of the Airwing, he said.

Ngcobo Cop Killers: the chairperson of the portfolio committee on police, François Beukman, said yesterday, “The community must share information with the police to ensure the investigation is expedited.”

In the meanwhile, another incident of police killing was also reported in Gauteng. Police say, on Wednesday morning, during a house robbery, a 42-year-old police sergeant, who was deployed at the Union Buildings was also shot and killed in his house in Loate in the North West. The sergeant, a father of two children, aged 14 and 7, was reportedly asleep with his wife and children when they were attacked by three armed criminals.

“They shot the police officer several times in his upper body and he died at the scene.” a police spokesman said.

The suspects reportedly took off with a TV, laptop, two cell phones and cash. The wife and children were not harmed.

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