Bus Conductor Charged with Illegal Fireman, Burglary and Wounding

St. James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Bus Conductor Charged: A 28-year-old bus conductor who held up a common-law couple at gunpoint and inflicted chop wounds to the male and attempted to rape the female was arrested and charged on Thursday of this week.

The accused has been identified as Shane Morgan of Kempshot District also in St James.

Reports by the Granville police are that on June 22nd about 4:00 am, both complainants,  a 65-year-old laborer and his 55-year-old common-law wife of Gutters in St James were asleep.

They were awakened from their sleep when a man wearing a mask and armed with a handgun kicked open their front door. The man held the couple at gunpoint and demanded money.The woman ran into another room in the house and was chased by the gunman who demanded sex from her.

Upon seeing what was taking place, her common-law husband reached underneath his bed for a machete and attacked the gunman. He managed to pull off the mask and inflict a chop wound to his upper body and the firearm fell to the ground.

The gunman then overpowered the victim and used the machete to chop him several times on his upper body, before taking up his firearm and making his escape from the house.

The Granville police were summoned and upon arrival, they recovered the mask and a bunch of keys which were left behind by the armed robber.

The wounded man was then rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where he was admitted in serious condition.

On Wednesday of this week, the Sandy Bay police were carrying out Spot Checks in the Sandy Bay area when they signaled a bus to stop.

A search of the bus led to the arrest of the conductor, who turned out to be the gunman. He was charged after being positively identified.


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