BPO President Says Lottery Scamming does not Create a Negative Impact

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Jamaica News, April 4, 2018 – BPO President Says Lottery Scamming does not Create a Negative Impact on the Industry

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Yoni Epstein, President of the Business Processing Industry of Jamaica (BPO) says the lottery scamming does not create a negative impact on the industry.

Mr Epstein was speaking recently at the Business Career Expo held at the Montego Bay Conference Centre in Rose Hall, Montego Bay, under the theme “To Sensitize the work force”.

According to the BPO President, lottery scamming is a part of Jamaica, because it is out there. It is a sad thing and over the past years it has grown better.

He further stated that lottery scamming does not really create a negativities on the BPO sector. In many cases persons align the lottery scamming to the industry, but there is no data showing that scammers have gotten information from the industry to carry out their illicit acts.

He further stated that, lottery scamming is a bigger issue locally than for the clients who are operating and selling business to Jamaica.

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