Alan Magnus RJR

Alan Magnus Says Goodbye as the RJR Good Morning Man

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – The “Good Morning Man,” has echoed over our radios for 45 years; but now it is time to close the curtains, as Broadcaster Alan Magnus says goodbye from the post at Radio Jamaica (RJR).

Alan Magnus, will leave the morning show on RJR but will still do work on other programs as needed for the radio station. 

“I have pointed out to management that I will make myself available to do The Nutty Buddies with Dorraine (Samuels). I am available for outside broadcasts, and if an announcer reports ill I am available to sit in,” he told the media.

Magnus says he will miss waking up at 3 am to be ready for the 5 am morning show, but he is happy to move on now that he can do so. After 45 years of not having a night life, he is ready to let go.

Alan Magnus leaves the Good Morning Man show at the end of March.

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