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Suge Knight is back in hospital for treatment

Los Angeles, USA ( McN) – ‘Death Row’ records CEO, Suge Knight, was once again back in hospital for life threatening illness, while still in custody fighting his murder case.

Jailed Rap mogul, Marion Hugh Knight Jr, known as ‘Suge Knight’ was rushed to the Los Angeles County -USC Medical Center for treatments of “life threatening” blood clots, while still in custody as he fights his murder charge.

According to his fiancé, Toi-Lin Kelly, the 51 year old was taken to hospital on Wednesday march 22, for treatments in regard to a blood clots, complication he developed from being shot multiple times.

Suge Knight has been in and out of hospital for numerous medical complaints since his incarceration two years ago. One such medical woes was an emergency operation of an appendix in March 2016, others included a complaint of swelling and difficulty breathing.

Doctors confirmed the blood clots Suge knight have are life threatening, but his fiancé Kelly is worried he isn’t getting the proper medical care he is suppose to receive.

Kelly said “I am not confident they care about his well-being, if at all. This is because the prison officials  ‘pressure’ hospital staff to send him back to jail with only band aids,” she added. “We are documenting the actions of the jail and USC medical center, so we can stay ‘on top’ of this.”

Officials have however denied these accusations of mistreatment.

Doctors want Suge Knight to receive daily blood thinning medications, to be administered at specific time, but his fiancé fears he is not getting them as recommended by the medical officials.

Suge Knight was arrested and charge with murder in 2015, for a fatal hit and run in Compton on February of that year. He has been in jail since his charge, with bail was set at 10 million dollars that he has not been able to raise. His attorney said he will plead not guilty to the charges.

Prosecutors claim he was out for revenge, when he mowed down Cle ‘Bone’ Sloan, a gangster turned film director, who fought with Knight outside a Burger King parking lot, and earlier at the production filming of  Dr. Dre’s “Straight out of Compton,” as he attempted to flee an armed attack. Terry Carter, a local businessman, was also hit down in the same parking lot, but succumbed to his injuries shortly after.

Knight’s defense attorney Thaddeus J. Culpepper was pleased that a trial date was set for his client. August 1, 2017, will be his trial date, and they are confident Suge Knight’s innocence will prevail.

He should return to court on Monday if he is out of the hospital.

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