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Warren Johnson – “Views From Above” Vol #4 Hoodlums and Hoodies

Hoodlums and Hoodies are set to dominate Jamaica for some time as the powers-that-be, along with the bleeding heart liberals of the extreme variety, have too much say and sway over the running of our Island right into the ground, or underground.

Our pervasive criminal environment will either have to change, or we will wilt under the pressure.

The Prime Minister, the Minister of National Security, the Commissioner of Police and the police generally try to stem the tide of our crime problems; but they seem to be coming up against some unreasonable oppositions. Still, they are urged to try harder in the face of all opposition, because the majority of us are not satisfied with their efforts.


Apparently, the Jamaicans for Justice, local and International Human Rights organizations operate as if the rights of criminals are more important than the rights of law-abiding citizens, who are doing all they can to prevent this Island from coming to ruin. These are targets for the murderous and cowardly wild beasts we having running rough shod over the country under the protection of these mostly misguided organizations formed no doubt, with good intentions, but have since morphed into something intolerable and insufferable.


Hoodies Horace LevyRecent decision by the police in one Division, Clarendon, to pay closer attention to the hoodie-wearing members of the public by stopping and searching them, has raised the ire and self-righteous indignation of one of the Directors of Jamaicans for Justice, Horace Levy, who was quoted as saying, ‘Hoodies is a matter of style and self-identification.’


Well, well, well !!! What ‘style’ in a climate so hot, where clothes are hardly required; and what form of ‘self-identification’ is this dressing that is borrowed from the cold world of North America, whose citizens mostly wear Hoodies as protection from cold weather? Small wonder we have so many lost souls who have taken to even bleaching themselves into invisibility due to a dissatisfaction with who they are. What manner of further evil being perpetrated on a society and its people due to permissiveness, and the desire to oppose just for the sake of opposing.


What Horace Levy and his supporters are wittingly and unwittingly doing is aiding and abetting criminality, and the further rise and ease with which the criminally inclined can carry out their nefarious deeds. What the few who wear these for ‘style’ will suffer is a small price to pay to prevent the majority who wear them for dark deeds to be comfortable in them.


Search them police, even as you do so with manners, respect and discipline; and those who are caught being up to no good, turn them upside down and land them down at the station. If Horace Levy shows up in his Hoodie, take him in for questioning on the grounds of being an idiot, who stands in the way of bringing this island of ours up to a level; where our citizens get to know how to conduct themselves from manner of dress, right up to even bigger matters.


As trivial as this may seem to many who do not think beyond their noses, this too is a matter of importance. If we want Jamaica to rise above the filthy stage that it is now in, government must adopt and put into practice the Principles of the ‘Broken Window Effect’ in all police Divisions.. All crimes, and any and every thing that aid in the carrying out of criminal activities, matter.


Until next time, keeps doing what is noble and just. Go ahead and have a discussion right here.

I am Warren Johnson



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