Aidonia’s Style Has Got Them Asking, “Wha Dat Yuh Have On” In New Video For ‘Look’: Watch

Aidonia Gets Raw & Raunchy In New Single ‘DM’: Listen
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Standing in front of the closet wondering what brand to wear, knowing fully well that your first rule is never to mix designers. You think about the event and decide not to be too flashy, keeping it simple today, only going hard on the accessories. You get dressed and put in your earphones, trying to be as low key as possible.

On arrival at the venue, you see girls behaving in a very suggestive manner, some even pressing their bodies against the windows of your car. You see the actions but not hearing the sounds of their chatter and whispers. Removing your earphones to acknowledge fellow patrons known to you, he asks “Wha dat yuh have on!?”

Glancing down at the outfit, Sheldon Lawrence, professionally known as Aidonia, puts his lyrical genius, melodies, and play on words to deliver another banger for his many hankering fans. In true Aidonia style, the Aircraft deejay describes his range of dress, the brands he indulges, the way he shops, and how he accessorizes.

This one will be on the lips of both man and child in the coming weeks, with such a catchy punchline “Wha dat yu have on!? Dem a look”. He is the same artiste who in recent years gave us collosal sing alongs like “Yeah  yeah”, “Trigger Work it”, and “Big Baller (Benzema)”

The single, produced by Darshan and 4th Genna Music was released on July 10, 2020. It comprises visuals matching the names, style and swag listed by the “Caribbean Girls” deejay inside an upscale home, and outside a popular Kingston community.


Source: Dancehallmag

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