Jada Kingdom Addresses Messy ‘Entanglement’ Claims From An Alleged Ex-Girlfriend

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Jada Kingdom has addressed allegations made by an alleged ex-girlfriend that has had Instagram buzzing over the last few days.

The woman who uses the Instagram handle, Malieboo_toptop spilled some details last week that seemed to put the Love Situations singer in a sexual relationship with her and further made other allegations including Jada’s supposed use of drugs to lose weight, her involvement with gang members, and that she had been raped.

Malieboo has also alleged that the singer’s relationship with American rapper, Maurice “Verse” Simmonds was fake.

The situation blew up just after Jada Kingdom announced her return to Jamaica after being quarantined in Atlanta for the last few months because of COVID-19 restrictions.

Jada took to Instagram and demanded, “Take this nonsense down, kmft.” The request was denied, and just two days later, more libelous stuff was added to the account.

At that point, Jada Kingdom started sharing numerous screenshots of her dealings and encounters with her alleged ex.

It appears that Malieboo admitted that she had snapped Jada, about five years ago, while she was taking a shower during their last meetup and tried to extort the singer. She never followed through on these but requested a phone sometime after, which was ignored. Since then, Jada said the woman apologized to her, and she thought the issue was dead.

The airing of dirty laundry between the two continued, and some of the screenshots showed Jada’s manager pleading to have the secretly recorded video removed along with having the nudes sent over.

That’s where it seemingly ended until Jada Kingdom took to Instagram live, last week, to apologize to her fans for the mess, but the issue was not put to rest there as Malieboo then did her own Instagram LIVE video. In that video, she alleged that the whole debacle was being caused by Jada wanting to be in a relationship with Simmonds and her at the same time.

She added she would have entertained the idea if she was paid $800,000.

A disheveled and tired looking Jada later uploaded a video in which she stated that she was raped twice in her life and that one of the men who raped her was dead. This was to address another claim from the poster that she had been raped multiple times. She said this was one of the reasons that she acts as crazy as she does. She also said that she (Malieboo_toptop) was simply seeking attention and that she now looks “stupid.”

“We were never in a relationship, never in an entanglement, me never touch you. Just stop,” she said.

Jada said she would be seeking a restraining order and making a report to the police but warned the poster to stay away from “badness” because she felt that she would surely win that battle.

She added that she was not going to speak about it anymore and that her lawyers would now be handling the matter. She also vehemently denied the claims of drug use and having a fake relationship with her current boyfriend, saying that the woman was obviously in need of help and had disturbing mental issues.


Source: Dancehallmag

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