Accused Sexual Predator Reoffends While on Bail

Marlon Millis, the Clarendon man who was charged with sexual assault of two young girls in Clarendon in March 2022, has had his bail revoked after being charged while on bail with similar offences in Westmoreland.

Millis, 43, was first arrested in Clarendon on March 16. At the time, he was accused of committing serious sexual offences against a 12-year-old girl in Four Paths in the parish. While in custody, he was implicated in another case of sexual assault, this one against a 16-year-old girl in November 2021. He was placed on an identification parade and was pointed out. He was then charged.

The Clarendon Parish Court granted Millis bail on July 14, after his third court appearance. He was ordered to stay away from the victims and the parish of Clarendon (except when attending court) and was made to report to the Negril Police Station on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. He was also ordered to surrender his travel documents.

However, Millis was soon on the radar of the Westmoreland Police in relation to the investigation of two incidents of sexual assault—again against young girls, one of them 12 years old. He was arrested on Saturday, October 15 in relation to two incidents on Tuesday, October 11 and later charged with additional offences under the Sexual Offences Act. He is now awaiting his day in court in Westmoreland.

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