Accepting Truth; Rejecting the Misconceptions

Each of us in life has the right to make a decision, whether it is liked by society or not. Others can never, that is NEVER, decide the precepts that one should use to govern his or her life. You can respectfully make recommendation to a healthy lifestyle to others, but if not accepted, then do not impose it; do not use it against the person.

Too many a times, people exert force to decide for others causing that person to live a life of misery, pain and confusion. At the end of the day, what matters most is the fact that each of us is granted an immense opportunity, which is life, and each of us utilizes it in different ways.

Growing up, I received the chance of garnering knowledge on the different personalities of people that exist, and even now, I am still learning. Some of the personalities I encountered were not welcoming or pleasing, but I value them and showed the respect even though I did not accept them all. The good thing is that they were valued greatly, but were not regarded as close friends.

It is so sad to say though that immature adults, who should be responsible, are the ones sometimes at fault. They are the ones who are judgmental, pompous and insolent towards the younger generation. Why is that so??

Immature Adults always try to see the life of children from a negative perspective, leaving the child to ponder upon ways to adjust to the liking of his or her personality.

It is utterly sad to say that some males, who are deemed as the leaders of society, the head of the household and the kings of the land are so narrow-minded.  Having given such authority from the Supreme Being it should be used to balance and spearhead the society so that everyone can feel the need to respect each other. Such authority comes with responsibility, and it is not being showcased in the society. All that we now see are some males in the society who instigate criminal activities and promote it among our young boys and girls, who are the promising mind for our country.

Sometimes I laugh at the mindset of some of the Jamaican citizens. If two males are walking together and they both seem studious and well versed in the spoken engli9sh language, they are either taunted, by adults, as gays. Why?

If two females are walking and one puts her arm around the other, they are seen as gay. Why?

I am annoyed and discombobulated with this “Y SAYING” if you should say a word to a male, which he thinks is gay that’s his first word. How sad…

There are a lot more scenarios to give but for the essence of time, I will keep this brief.

I do understand that our society is different. I do understand that we are not the same in personality. I also do understand that you are entitled to your OWN opinion.

However, please also bear in mind that the persons you may be judging are entitled to their own opinion, they are allowed to express themselves in whatever way they wish, and they are humans with faults, just the same way as the accuser.

If it is that you want to correct the person’s way of doing things, sure you can do so. How? Just respectfully give a recommendation. Not giving an imposition.

For each of us to ensure a safe, diverse and sociable nation, we need to learn to Respect, even if you will not accept someone’s ways of doing things, you need to learn to love and exercise the GOLDEN RULE, Do unto others how you will have them do unto you.

Let us understand and extend to others the level of respect we are in search of also.


By: Ackeem Smith

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