13-year-old Boy Charged in Connection with Death of 9-year-old Girl in Westmoreland

Jamaica Crime News, Westmoreland – The Westmoreland police have confirmed that murder charges have now been laid against the 13-year-old boy who is accused of murdering his 9-year-old, schoolmate and neighbor in their community on Tuesday evening of June 5th.

The police further stated that the 13-year-old, boy was charged on Wednesday with the murder of Khadija Chavealee Saunders, 9-year-old, a female student who hails from Dundee District and attends the New Works Primary School.

Kadijah Saunders: 9-year-old Raped and Strangled to Death in Westmoreland

The 13-year-old, who was handed over to the police by his father will now be held at a Juvenile facility until the court proceedings. Also, additional sex-related charges may be laid against the teenager based on the post-mortem examination result. Young Chavealee went missing shortly after she left school and was on her way home on Tuesday evening. When her mother Cynthia Saunders did not see her come home she got curious and went in search of her.

Several of Chavealee’s classmates related that they saw her being chased by the 13-year-old accused along a lonely road at a section of the community known as “Bog”.

Following an all-out search by relatives and community members of the 9-year-old, the child was discovered dead underneath a bridge at a section of the same area called Bridge Lane.  It is believed that she was strangled and evidence at the scene showed that she may have also been sexually molested. Following the gruesome discovery, the police were summoned and the boy later handed over by his father.


By: Henry Bucknor

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