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48-Year-Old St Thomas Woman Killed in Her Home

Jamaica News, March 4, 2018 – St Thomas Woman Killed in Her Home

St Thomas, Jamaica ( Mckoy’s News) – The Morant Bay police in the parish of St Thomas say they are now in search of two men for questioning in connection with the murder of a 48-year-old woman in the parish on Friday morning.

The dead female who has been identified as Sandra Roberts, was shot and killed in her home, in the parish of St Thomas during the wee hours of Friday March 2.

According to the police, at about 4:30 a.m., on Friday, residents living at Duhaney Pen in St Thomas alerted the police after they heard gunshots coming from the directions of the female’s house.

The lawmen rushed to the location and upon arrival they stumbled upon the body of the victim which was lying on the floor of her house in a pool of blood.

She was transported to hospital where she was pronounced dead.

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