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3 Shot 1 dead in Sandy Bay, Clarendon

( RJR ) 3 Shot 1 dead in Sandy Bay, Clarendon:  The bloodletting continues as it is reported that a teenage girl is among three persons who were shot at approximately 11:30 p.m. last night (August 22, 2017) in Sandy Bay, Clarendon.

Reports are that men with high powered weapons went to the home of 54-year-old vendor, Cecilia Johnson, opened fire on the occupants, then set fire to the house and a car before making good their escape.

All three occupants were taken to the hospital, where Mrs. Johnson was pronounced dead, her husband admitted in critical condition and the teenaged girl treated and sent home.

No motive has since been established for the attack on the family. However, the police are continuing their investigations.

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