187 Persons Murdered in St James

St James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – 187 Persons Murdered in St James: Over the past ten days a total of eight persons have been brutally murdered throughout the parish of St James. This has taken the figure for the number of persons killed in the parish since the start of the year to 187.

The bloody ten days started last Thursday (August 10, 2017) when a man was killed at Gordon Crescent in Granville while visiting his girlfriend. This was followed by two murders at separate locations in the Salt Spring community. Hours later, on Friday, two more men were killed in the neighboring community of Green Pond after gunmen went on a shooting spree in that area, killing one community member.

Angry residents then went in search of the gunmen and after catching up with them, one was reportedly held and his neck severed and his body set on fire. Then gunmen struck in Flankers, killing one man who was returning from a wake.

Despite placing more foot and mobile patrols around the second city and in several of these troubled communities, the gunmen still continued on their rampage.

The latest victim to be killed has been identified as 29-yr-old Kemaro Andre Gordon, labourer of Black Shop in Amity Hall. Reports are that Gordon was last seen alive at a party being held at Black Shop District on Monday morning about 12:10 a.m.

About three hours later several gunshots were heard in the community and later on Monday morning at about 10:00 a.m. residents in the community alerted the police after they stumbled upon Gordon’s body at the back of a house. The body had multiple gunshot wounds and was covered under a Blue Tarpaulin.

The scene was processed and the body later removed to the hospital where Gordon was pronounced dead.


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