1 Shot Dead, 2 Shot and Injured by Gunmen on Robbing Spree Posing as Police Officers in Westmoreland

Jamaica Crime News, Westmoreland: The police in the parish of Westmoreland are now combing sections of the area for three armed robbers, who shot and killed one man, and shot and injured a couple after posing as police officers while on a robbery spree in several communities in the parish on Friday morning, June 1, 2018.

The victim who was shot and killed by the police impersonators have been identified as Dwight Brooks, otherwise called “Bigga” 35-year-old unemployed of Broughton District. A 53-year-old taxi operator and his 51-year-old wife who were shot and injured by the gunmen have since been transported to hospital where they were treated and admitted in stable conditions.

Reports by the police are that shortly after 1:30 a.m. on Friday morning, the 53-year-old taxi operator and his wife were in bed at their home in Fort William community when they heard loud banging outside in the yard.  They jumped from bed to investigate and after looking through a window, they saw three armed men on the outside banging on their son’s house in the said yard and identifying themselves as police officers.

Upon seeing the couple, the armed men opened fire through the window hitting both victims. They then kicked open the front door to the house and forced their way inside and proceeded to rob them of cash and a Grey 1991 Toyota Corolla motor car registered PC 6735.

The gunmen then drove away to the neighboring community of Hartford where they went to another house occupied by a 24-year-old farmer and identified themselves as police officers. They then kicked open his door and proceeded to the inside where they also robbed him of cash, appliances and his 2008 Toyota Corolla motor car registered 3071 HH.  The gunmen again held up and robbed a man who was walking along the roadway. They left behind the other vehicle they had stolen earlier.

The gunmen did not stop there, they then drove to Broughton District in Little London where they went to Brooks home and identified themselves as police officers.  They also reportedly kicked down the front door and entered the house.  Brooks attempted to challenge the gunmen and he was shot multiple times to his upper body.  The gunmen then robbed him and drove away in his grey 2008 Toyota Axio motor car.

The police were alerted and about 4:00 a.m., a team of officers were in the Mango Hall area when they saw a Toyota Axio motor car fitting the description of the one which was stolen towing the other stolen Corolla.

Upon seeing the lawmen, the gunmen jumped from both vehicles and opened fire on the police, followed by which they made their escape in bushes.

Following an investigation, Brooks along with the wounded couple were transported to the Savanna-la-mar hospital where Brooks was pronounced dead and the couple treated and admitted.


By Henry Bucknor

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