Mount Salem ZOSO Does Not Affect Reopening of Schools

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) –  Mount Salem ZOSO Does Not Affect Reopening of Schools: As hundreds of students turn out for the re-opening of school on Monday morning September 4, 2017, at three separate institutions within the Zone of Special Operations in the Mount Salem area, the Administrative staff within these institutions say the attendance of students have not been disrupted.

Acting Principal, Mrs. Carlene Brown-Clarke and the administrative staff at the largest institution within the area, which is the Mount Salem Primary and Junior High School say they have seen a massive turn out for the first day and this is an improvement. The Acting Principal told our news team that she welcomes the Zone of Special Operation and this process has allowed her staff and students to feel much more safe and secure in the area.

According to Mrs. Brown Clarke, on several occasions in the past when there is a flare up of violence in the community, it gravely affects the attendance of students. But since the Zone of Special Operations has been implemented, not only have there been a reduction of violence in the area, but an improvement in attendance seen Monday.

Other Schools in the area are the Cornwall Gardens Primary and the Harrison Memorial High School.

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