St James High School Student Murder, Tianna Clark

Zoo Bug Accused in Murder of 14-Year-Old Girl in St James

Jamaican News, February 19, 2018

St James, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Zoo Bug Accused in Murder of 14-Year-Old Girl: St James police now have the man wanted for the murder of the Tianna Clark, the 14-yr-old girl, whose body was found in an unfinished building in her community of Granville, St James.

He is identified as Owen Allen, otherwise called ‘Zoo Bug’ of Brown’s Lane, also in Granville, in the parish of St James.

Reports are that Allen was attempting to flee the parish before he was apprehended and taken into custody last Saturday, February 17, 2018.

Tianna Clark, an eighth-grade student at St James High School was found dead at about 8: 30 am., on Saturday morning. She was reportedly found nude in an abandoned building, with a bag over her head and several stab wounds. She went missing after her mother gave her money on Friday, February 16, to go to a nearby shop and buy herself a cup of soup.

Today the St James High School was shocked by the horrible death of Tianna, who her teachers describe as a promising student. Tianna’s mother spoke of the child as an obedient girl who did not linger on the road at late at night.

After his arrest, angry residents burnt down the house of Allen.

Zoo Bug Accused in Murder of 14-Year-Old Girl: Owen Allen is being questioned by police in the presence in the presence of his attorney.


News Contributed by Nichola Panton

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