Youths urged to be ‘soldiers’ in war against COVID-19

Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MOEY) Alando Terrelonge, says that the 502 positive cases of COVID-19 on the island (up to Sunday, May 10) are an alarming statistic that should be taken seriously.

He laments that of that number nearly 100 are young people, under 19 years old. He said this should be a cause for great concern. In executing an effort to steer clear of these types of disquieting statistics and unfortunate scenarios, the MOEYI launched its “Good Soldier Campaign” on May 4, via digital platforms.

Terrelonge said that the younger generation needs to take the virus seriously, as youth is not a vaccine. He said the campaign will keep echoing the same mandates until young people change their behaviour: stay at home, observe social distancing measures, wear a mask outdoors and sanitise.

Mr Terrelonge said many young people are falling victim and dying from COVID-19, overseas and right here at home.

He said Jamaica was at war against COVID-19 and the youths must take heed and everyone should play his or her part

“Make no mistake my Jamaican youth, we are at war. Jamaica needs you to be good soldiers. Jamaica needs you to mirror responsible behaviour. Tek the coronavirus serious. Tan ah yuh yard. If yuh affi do road, mek sure yuh wear a mask. Tell yuh bredrin and sistren fi give yuh likkle space. Six feet worth of space is better than six feet underground,” the State minister said, using a direct quotation from the campaign.

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