You Can See Your Most streamed Music with Spotify Wrapped 2021

The 2021 Spotify Wrapped has been launched today (Dec. 1), enabling users to look at their most-streamed artists, songs, albums, genres, playlists and podcasts over the course of 2021.

The feature comes with new functions this year including ‘2021: The Movie’, which allows users to pair their top songs with classic scenes from a film “that’s all about you”, and ‘Your Audio Aura’, where an aura expert visualizes a listener’s audio aura based on their top two music moods.

Elsewhere, ‘Playing Cards’ is an interactive, data-based game that users play and can then share with friends.

Another new feature is ‘2021 Wrapped Blend’, which allows users to see compare their 2021 music tastes with friends’ tastes, stream a blended playlist and share results on social media.

There are also exclusive experiences for top fans, including videos from more than 170 artists and creators thanking them for having them in their Wrapped.

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