Woman dies after childbirth following harrowing ordeal

A 23-year-old woman has died after childbirth following an ordeal over several hours while in labour when she was reportedly turned away from at least three hospitals because she had symptoms of COVID-19.

It is reported that the UWI graduate, Jodian Fearon, was first taken to Andrews Memorial Hospital Thursday evening and was later turned away because she was showing several signs of COVID-19. She is said to have had a fever and had difficulty breathing while being attended to at that private hospital on Hope Road, St Andrew.

She was then referred to the University Hospital of the West indies but that facility also said they were unable to take her. The story of the woman came to light in a Television Jamaica (TVJ story Friday night, April 24.

The story, as reported by TVJ, said the pregnant woman who was in labour was taken to the country’s largest maternity facility, Victoria Jubilee Hospital (VJH) but they advised her doctor that they did not have room there to take her.

They advised her doctor to try again on Friday.

As the doctor and family continued searching for a place for the woman to have her baby, Spanish Town Hospital, St Catherine offered to accept her. She delivered the baby Friday

However, she developed complications after delivery and was taken to the UHWI where she was admitted and later died.

The baby is alive but its state is unknown.

Several people on social media have been slamming the treatment of the woman calling it “wicked” and “heartless” and saying the health workers showed their fears rather than professionalism and compassion.


“FEAR and the LACK of humanity killed her,” said Shawnafi Dynsen in a Facebook post.

“What happened to this 23-year-old whilst she was in active labour can and will happen to many more because Jamaica has no laws.
The byproduct of COVID-19 ( fear ) will kill many more if we the people do not ensure that the institution that are in place to care for the sick are held responsible.

Poverty did not kill her LACK OF COMPASSION DID !!! Fear did and a lot of us are responsible for her death not just the doctors but every single fear mongering person.”





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