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Westmoreland Wanted Man Escaped Police in Bushes, Cop Shot

Henry Bucknor Mckoy's News Crime Investigator

Jamaican News, February 16, 2018

Westmoreland, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Westmoreland Wanted Man Escaped: a police Constable attached to the Bethel Police Station in Westmoreland is now nursing gunshot wounds at the Savanna la Mar Hospital, in the parish following a shooting incident where he was shot and injured by a wanted man in the Bethel Town area on Wednesday morning.

Investigators also pointed out that an illegal firearm was seized and the gunman’s common-law wife, a 24 years old Customer Clerk taken into custody.

Reports by the Bethel Town Police are that at about 5:45 am., on Wednesday, February 14, members of a joint team carried out an operation in Bethel Town policing area in search of the wanted man.

The police stated that the wanted man who as being identified as Donovan Roach otherwise called Tom Roach, 30-year-old, unemployed of Orange Hill in Satiating, Westmoreland is being sought for murder,  shooting with intent,  illegal possession of firearm and ammunition and wounding.

According to the law-men, the police team went to the premises in search of Roach, on reaching the house, his common-law wife told them that Roach was not there. However, minutes later Roach was seen jumping from a window.

Westmoreland Wanted Man Escaped: the law enforcement team approached near where was seen, and he began firing a barrage of gunshots at the police before escaping into the surrounding bushes.

During the exchange of gunfire one of the officers was shot.

A search was then carried out in the house and the police discovered one shotgun and a 9mm magazine.

The female was taken into custody and the injured cop transported to hospital.

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