Florida School Shooter Confess!

Jamaican News, February 16, 2018

Florida, USA (Mckoy’s News) — Florida School Shooter Confess: Florida Police report that the teen boy who is accused of killing 17 persons at a Florida high school on Wednesday, confessed to the murders.

Court documents revealed that Nikolas Cruz, 19, reportedly said he went to his past high school campus and began shooting students, then dropping his gun and escaping into the chaos.

He has appeared in court charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder and was held without bail.The shooting on February 14, 2018, at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, is the United States’ deadliest school attack since 2012.

Florida School Shooter Confess
Some of the students killed in the Florida School Shooting with Assistant Coach who used his body to shield other students.

In court documents Nikolas Cruz, Florida school shooter confess that he was the gunman who entered the school campus with an AR-15 and began gunning down students in the hallways and on the school grounds.

In his confession, the court documents revealed that Nikolas Cruz said he had extra ammunition in a black duffel bag and backpack.

Cruz who was expelled from the high school earlier in confessed to the shooting, amidst the campus joke while he attended, where students joked – he was “voted” most likely to shoot up the school!

After the shooting Cruz said he discarded his weapon to better blend into the scene and escape.

According to police, he did escape the scene undetected, then for one hour after the attack, Nicolas Cruz went to Wal-Mart and next to a McDonald’s restaurant, before he was spotted by police and arrested.

 He What is known about the suspect?

A former schoolmate of Nikolas Cruz, Chad Reuters, said Cruz was an “outcast” who was “crazy about guns”.

His social media accounts (now deleted) were plastered with his obsession with weapons, Broward County, Florida Sheriff Scott Israel called it “very, very disturbing”.

In photos, gunman Cruz posed confidently with guns and knives.

What were the warnings?


The FBI has now admitted to receiving a tip about Cruz last year.

A YouTube user, Mr Ben Bennight saw a threatening comment Nikolas Cruz left on a YouTube post last year and found it serious enough to report it to the FBI.

He spoke for about 20 min with an FBI representative. Nothing was apparently done.

However, Bennight said the FBI contacted him after the Parkland school shooting.

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