Westmoreland Police in Search of Armed Robber


Westmoreland, Jamaica (McN) – Westmoreland Police in Search of Armed Robber

The Westmoreland Police say that they are now in search of one of two robbers who held up and robbed a service station in  the Darliston area on Monday January 2nd.

The investigators also pointed out that Thrice Todd, who hails from the Orange Hill community and who is the cornier of the robber who is now been sought was killed by residents.

Reports are that on Monday Morning, both men traveled on Motorcycle and went to a service station in the Darliston  area, where they held up and robbed the establishment.

On reaching the Withorne Community the armed robbers were ambushed by angry residents and Todd was hit from the pillion seat.

The rider managed to escape, but Todd was beaten to death.

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Westmoreland Police in Search of Armed Robber (McKoy’s News)

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