Female Going to Work Murdered in Westmoreland



Westmoremand, Jamaica (McN) – Female Going to Work Murdered in Westmoreland.

A Westmoreland woman was shot to death by unknown assailants wile on her way to work on Friday Morning. The Victim has so far been identified as Charmaine Marhabier of Truro District in Brunt, Savannah.

Reports are that in the wee hours of Friday morning the female had just left her home in Truro to get a a taxi to go to work. A barrage of gunshots were heard and residents in the community discovered the victim lying along the roadway, suffering from gunshot wounds.

The police were alerted and upon arrival the victim was transported to the Sav-La-Mar Hospital where she was was pronounced dead.

Police is investigating and seeking any information into this crime.

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Female Going to Work Murdered in Westmoreland (McKoy’s News)

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