Shamari Hanson dead

Westmoreland Man Fatally Shot by Police

Westmoreland Man Fatally Shot: A man was fatally shot during an alleged confrontation with police in Waterworks, Westmoreland on Tuesday afternoon.

He has been identified as 22-year-old Shamari Hanson, otherwise called ‘Sammie’ of Gold Smith Lane in the community.

During the incident, a Taurus pistol with a magazine containing two 9mm rounds was seized, according to the police.

Members of the Westmoreland Proactive Investigation Unit were reportedly on mobile patrol in the Whithorn Police area, when they spotted a man wearing a blue pullover, blue jeans, and blue slippers approaching from the opposite direction.

Hanson allegedly fled into heavy bushes as the police unit approached.

The report said that the police officers chased Hanson into a hilly area, where Hanson is said to have opened fire at the police officers.

Reportedly, one of the policemen took evasive action and returned fire, which resulted in Hanson being shot and injured during the exchange.

The Taurus pistol with two 9-millimeter rounds in the magazine was reportedly taken from him.

He was taken to the Savanna-La-Mar Public General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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