Westmoreland Man Commits Suicide

Westmoreland, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- Westmoreland Man Commits Suicide: The Grange Hill police in Westmoreland are now carrying out investigations surrounding the death of a man who was found hanging from a rope which was tied around the branch of a tree in the parish on Thursday.

The victim has been identified as Troy Brissett a farmer of Geneva District also in Grange Hill.

Reports are that Brissett was last seen alive on Wednesday night and when family members did not hear from him they got curious and went to his home to investigate.

Upon reaching the premises his body was seen by his sister dangling from a rope which was suspended from the branch of a tree in his yard.

The Morgan’s Bridge police were alerted and upon arrival, the body was cut down and transported to the Sav la Mar Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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