St. James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- BROTHERS CAUGHT WITH ILLEGAL GUN IN MOUNT SALEM: The St James police as reported that the two brothers who were held in connection with the seizure of an illegal firearm and several rounds of ammunition in the Zone of Special Operation on Thursday afternoon September 21st, 2017 are believed to be major players in the infamous lottery Scam.  According to the police. Shortly after 2:00 pm on Thursday members of the Joint Military Team carried out a search at a house in Katan Lane in Mount Salem.

During the search of the house, a Glock 22 semi automatic pistol along with 31- 5.56 rounds and 10- 9mm rounds of ammunition was seized.

Further search of the premises led to the seizure of several sheets of names. Telephone numbers and other personal information belonging to persons living overseas. Several cell phones and other items which are noted tools associated with the lottery scam were also seized.

The police have indicated that both men are believed to be major plays in the lottery scam which have been taken place in western Jamaica.

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