Westmoreland Barber Killed Man With Stone

Westmoreland ( McKoy’s News)Westmoreland Barber Killed Man With Stone: A 41 years old Westmoreland Barber is now facing murder charges at the Negril lockup after he reportedly used a stone to kill another man in Negril on Thursday morning.

Reports are that, about 6:00 am on Thursday, the deceased Robert Tomlinson 54-year-old laborer of Church Lincoln district in Grange Hill and West End Negril, was walking along the West End main road when he was approached by the accused.

It is further reported that the barber accused him of stealing his $5000 and immediately attacked him. Tomlinson was handed several blows by the barber and he fell to the ground.

While on the ground, the accused man picked up a large stone which he used to inflict a blow to Tomlinson’s head killing him on the spot.

The Negril police were alerted and upon arrival, the accused man was taken into custody. Tomlinson was transported to the Sav-la-mar Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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