Police Say Murder of Another Westmoreland Female Could be Reprisal

Westmoreland (McKoy’s News)Murder of Another Westmoreland Female: The Bethel Town police are now saying that the murder of a female shopkeeper in the area on Tuesday night, may have been an act of reprisal.

The latest female to be killed has been identified as, Radesha Allen, otherwise called ” Shelly”,  shopkeeper of Greenwich district also in Bethel Town.

A male family member who was also at the shop, was also shot and injured by the gunmen, still remains at hospital in serious condition.

The police have reported that, about 8:30 pm on Tuesday, Allen and other family members were at her shop in Greenwich when they were ambushed by a group of gunmen.

The gunmen opened fire on the group, hitting the shopkeeper and the other male family member.

The gunmen then escaped in the area in a waiting motor car. Both wounded victims were rushed to the Sav-la-mar Hospital where Allen was pronounced dead and the male relative was admitted in serious condition.

This amounts to four, the number of young females murdered in Westmoreland over the past four weeks.

Investigators have pointed out that, they are now in search of two men in connection with Allen’s murder.

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