Westgate Hills Entrance

Flood Proned Westgate Hills Entrance Addressed by NWA

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Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) –  Westgate Hills Entrance Addressed by NWA: Hundreds of motorists and commuters who traverse the Sign Orange Main Road, which also leads from Westgate to the upscale Westgate Hills community in Montego Bay, St James on Monday expressed their appreciation to the National Works Agency for addressing the constant flooding in the area.

The entire section of the Westgate Hills Entrance is constantly flooded during heavy rainfall, as a result, the National Works Agency has now set to the task of constructing a multi-million dollar drain system in the area.

A project contractor told Mckoy’s News that they are working very speedily to complete the project before the upcoming hurricane and rain season.

The drainage is over 200 feet in length and 6 feet wide,  this he said, should easily manage the massive water flow which settles at this section of roadway whenever it rains.

The Westgate business community says they welcome the move by the National Work Agency, which they say will assist in the flow of traffic in that specific area and contributes to customers gaining easy access to the Westgate Shopping Centre.

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