Cayman Police Arrest Four Jamaicans, Three Jamaican Fishermen Dead

Three Jamaican Fishermen Dead After Fishing Boat Capsized

News Crime Investigator Henry Bucknor

Pedro Cays (Mckoy’s News)Three Jamaican Fishermen Dead After Fishing Boat Capsized: Three fishermen are now said to be dead and three others admitted to hospital after their fishing boat capsized at sea over the weekend.

The police say they have been informed of the men’s death, However, they are still carrying out investigations at this time and are unable to give a report as the three remaining fishermen are presently still at the hospital.

A family member of one of the victims told McKoys News that, all six men left Milk River in Clarendon last Wednesday, May 24, and set out to sea in a fishing vessel for Pedro Cays.

When they did not return a report was made to the police.

On Sunday afternoon, several fishermen who were fishing in Portland came upon the boat adrift with three survivors.

The men were quickly transported to the Port Antonio Hospital where they were admitted.

It is reported that the survivors told the police that, while at sea the boat capsized and three of them drowned. The police are now investigating.

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