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War Machine, ex-fighter found guilty of pulverising pornstar girlfriend

Las Vegas, USA ( McN) – Former American Mixed Martial Arts fighter War Machine was found guilty of 29 charges, involving the assault of his porn star ex-girlfriend at her Las Vegas apartment.


Jonathan Koppenhaver, legally known as ‘War Machine’ had his day in court after being charged with aggravated assault, sexual assault, battery and attempted murder, just to name a few.


According to prosecutor Jacqueline Bluth the ex-fighter could get life in prison without parole, even though he was cleared of the attempted murder charges, news station KVVU reported.


His sentencing was scheduled for June 5.


On August 8, 2014 War Machine, who split from his girlfriend, adult film star Christine ‘Christy Mack’ Mackinday, went to her apartment and saw her in the company of another man, Corey Thomas. In a fit of rage, War Machine began throwing punches at Thomas, severely breaking his nose. Upon seeing the gruesome attack on Corey Thomas, the porn star made a 911 call. The MMA fighter then ordered Thomas to leave then began assaulting Mackinday.


He ordered her to undress herself and take a shower, then he tried to rape her but was unable to do so.


War Machine,
War Machine Beats-Up Porn Star Ex

A punctured liver, punctured lung, broken nose, 10 broken bones, missing teeth, were the result of his attack of his  porn star ex. War Machine fled the scene when a neighbor came to her assistance, and was on the run for a while, but still had time to post on his twitter account that he went there to surprise her and be with her.

Blaming the attack on Corey Thomas, War machine posted ” Christine and I would still be together if that guy wasn’t there.” (paraphrasing)


The 25-year-old porn star has partnered with PornHub, the network she worked with to launch a clothing line call ‘Jezebel’ in support of the violence against women campaign. Her message, is for the public to understand that no matter what, there is no excuse to abuse women and more should find the strength and speak out before it’s too late. Mackinday went further to say he was always abusive, but would return loving, sweet, apologetic and caring.


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