Video of 8 Year Old Cincinnati Boy Being Bullied Before Suicide Surfaced

Antonio Mckoy CEO - Mckoy's News

Cincinnati, Ohio (Mckoy’s News)Video of 8 Year Old Cincinnati Boy Surfaced – A surveillance camera video that displays the bullying of a Cincinnati 8 year old boy  who eventually took his own life by committing suicide has now surfaced and instigated the reopening of an investigation.


The deceased victim, Gabriel Taye was allegedly beaten and bullied while inside a bathroom at an institution earlier this year. Taye hanged himself few days later.


It is alleged that the coroner reopened the case after security cameras from Carson Elementary School was presented to the public on Friday by Cincinnati School system.


The video which was filmed on January 24th 2017 at the school, shows the third grade, 8 years old student been pulled head first into a bathroom wall, and as he fell to the floor he was kicked repeatedly and slapped as other students ignored him lying on the floor for more than five minutes.


A number of government organizations including the Child Protective Service officials say they will be reviewing the tape with faculty and staff and they will reinforce procedures of adult supervision in the bathrooms.


In the meanwhile the school system are distancing themselves from allegations that they are responsible for Gabriel’s death and is asking the public to await the findings of the Cincinnati Police Department.

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