USF to Spend $1.13 Billion on Full Implementation of Tablets in Schools Project

Jamaica News: The Universal Service Fund (USF) is projected to spend approximately $1.13 billion to commence full implementation of the Tablets in Schools Project, which is expected to get under way this year, following the pilot’s completion.

According to the 2019/20 Public Bodies Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure, $700 million is being programmed to purchase additional tablets; $220 million for Wi-Fi services; and another $210 million to facilitate Internet access at beneficiary schools.

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The USF, which falls under the Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology, provides broadband Internet access to public-sector organisations, mainly schools, libraries and post offices, as well as faith-based organisations and the disabled community.

Service to the latter stakeholders is facilitated through established Community Access Points (CAPs).

The USF also assists with infrastructural upgrades for specified public-sector institutions, including Parliament, the Judiciary, Security Forces, and Libraries, to enable improved service delivery.

The Fund’s revenue is derived from a levy charged on all international calls terminating in Jamaica.


Source: JIS News

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