Public Urged to Adhere to Protocol for Feeding Homeless Persons in Kingston

Jamaica News: The Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) is urging members of the public to adhere to the protocol governing the distribution of food to homeless persons.

Recently, the KSAMC published a notice in the press reminding the public that the feeding of individuals on the streets of Kingston and St. Andrew was strictly prohibited and must cease with immediate effect.

Speaking at a monthly meeting of the Council on April 9, Mayor of Kingston, Senator Councillor Delroy Williams, said the policy has been in effect since September 28, 2014.

He said the no-feeding policy for the homeless was prompted by the ad hoc manner in which they were being fed by members of the public.

“The Council was concerned and remains concerned about both the way in which they are fed and the locations in which they are being fed and pointed to the danger, nuisance and unhygienic situations that have arisen out of the ad hoc feeding plan,” he said.

Mayor Williams said during a meeting with stakeholders from various churches and voluntary organisations, all agreed that a schedule should be prepared to accommodate the feeding of as many homeless as possible each day.

“What obtains now is that some persons will get up to five meals per day and some none. The KSAMC, in partnership with these stakeholders, has agreed to work out convenient places for the homeless to be fed instead of being fed on the streets,” he said.

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The KSAMC’s approved designated feeding areas include the Open Arms Drop-in Centre, the Marie Atkins Night Shelter, Webster Memorial United Church, Missionaries of the Poor, St. Stephen’s United Church, the Good Samaritan Inn, St. Luke’s Anglican Church, the Salvation Army, Bethel Baptist Church, East Queen Street Baptist Church and Stella Maris Roman Catholic Church.

“These groups operate at specific times and days each week. The organised feeding schedule will be made available to all interested meal providers, groups, organisations or individuals. Copies have also being uploaded to all our social media platforms with email and WhatsApp blasts to the media, residents and other stakeholders as part of our public education strategy,” he said.

He added that systematic coordination of charitable activities is crucial and encouraged persons to adhere to relevant guidelines.


Source: JIS News

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