Update: Jamaican Mother and Her Baby Daughter Killed in Miami, Police Hunt Prime Suspect

On Friday morning, Orange County Sheriff John Mina confirmed that the bodies found in a vehicle in an Oak Ridge parking lot on Thursday were 20-year-old Massania Malcolm and her baby daughter Jordania.

Deputies theorized that their bodies were in the parking lot following a shooting a shooting incident on Tuesday which involved Malcolm’s Boyfriend and another man who was staying at their home.

According to authorities, Malcolm had died from gunshot wounds, and  baby Jordania died from extreme heat beside her mother.

Detectives are on the hunt for Doujon Griffiths, 21, who was living with the family and is suspected Shooter.

Malcolm’s boyfriend, who is Jordania’s father and is in his 20s, was found with five gunshot wounds at his residence about a mile from the Lake Ellenor Drive parking lot, according to Mina.

Following the shooting, the man has been in and out of consciousness in a hospital, but he has told authorities that he was unable to locate Malcolm and his daughter.

According to Sheriff Mina, the man told detectives that he was driving with Malcolm and the infant when Griffiths, who was in the backseat, opened fire following a disagreement. The victim claimed he thought Malcolm was also shot, and Griffiths drove away with her and Jordania in the car.

Griffiths is a suspect in the deaths of Malcolm and Jordania and faces an attempted murder charge for Malcolm’s partner.


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