The UK Prison Deal

Socrates at Large UK Prison Deal: The first lesson on why we should have taken the UK prison deal begins here. Understanding who and what is a Jamaican citizen or as some would say a Jamaican National. As you read, bear in mind that the Prisoners in question were all of the Jamaican heritage. Born here.  This was their point of departure to the UK.  Bear in mind, that some countries allow for the citizenship granted to you to be revoked depending on the crime committed. But that’s not the point here.

These persons having been convicted of offences that put them under the radar of the immigration department, went through a process, or is going through a process before they can be removed from the UK.  Some will be successful.  Some won’t. Those who are unsuccessfully is then returned to their point of departure to the UK.  In this case Jamaica.

According to the treaties with the said state, WE MUST ACCEPT THEM BACK. If we choose not to, that is a diplomatic problem to be sorted out by both governments.  The UK offered to build a prison to remove some of the burdens from Jamaica.  But it is our prison.  A much-needed prison. The old pop swing prisons we presently have are both over 100 years old.

Come hell or high water, at some point they will need to be replaced and must be replaced. Also, criminals are human beings. At some point, many must be returned to society. So we make a serious effort to rehabilitate them and make them a meaningful contributor to society or Do we recycle them and have them do what we are experiencing now.

All the tough talk will not stop crime. A modern facility equipped with social workers psychologist,  psychiatrists and other supporting staff can make an attempt to do so. At the very least they can lower the percentage of repeat offenders. This is not rocket science. It’s not a PNP mandate or problem.  It’s a national problem.

The action by the Jamaica Labour Party to block this gift and sensationalized the issue will go down in history, as one of the most irresponsible acts ever committed by a political party. Karma will have it that when GP or Spanish town pop down, a JLP government is in power. Read on. I will be back with lesson number two tomorrow. The economics of the prison.

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Contributed by: Socrates at Large

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