Two Members of Dudus Coke Family Charged with Murder   

Jamaica Crime News, Kingston: Investigators attached to the Elleston Police Criminal Investigation Branch in Kingston Eastern have stated that, two of the five listed men who were recently taken into custody for murder were officially charged on Monday, May 28.

The lawmen have also indicated that one of the two men charged has been identified to be the son of imprisoned Tivoli Gangster, Christopher “Dudus” Coke, while the other is said to be his nephew.

The two charged with murder are, Andrew Leighton Coke, otherwise called “Livity or Live up” 41-year-old laborer and Michael Christopher Coke Jr., otherwise called “Titi Man” both of Tivoli Gardens.

Three other men who were also featured on the list of wanted men turned themselves over to the police on the weekend.

They have been identified as Lechester Coke, otherwise called “Bamma – T”,  27-year-old unemployed of Tivoli Gardens along with David Biggs, otherwise called “Alien”  and another man known only as Ratty,  both of no fixed address.

Investigators also stated that, Lechester left the island on March 15, but returned on May 27, where he turned himself over to the police.

Coke’s two relatives have been charged in connection with the Monday, March 12, murder of   Patrick Davis, otherwise called “P Boy” 31-year-old laborer, whose body was discovered in Rockfort in Kingston.

Investigators also pointed out that, the other three detainees, Lechester Coke, David Biggs and Ratty are now being questioned in connection with the said incident and based on the results, criminal charges are expected to be laid against them likewise.


By Henry Bucknor

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