Two Female Among Seven Persons Arrested for Lottery Scam and Illegal Possession of Ammunition in Westmoreland

Jamaica Crime News, Westmoreland: Two females are among seven persons arrested and charged by the Westmoreland police on Sunday night into Monday morning of  June 25th, following an operation which led to the seizure of dozens of  Lottery Scam leads sheets and several rounds of ammunition.

All seven accused were charged with  Possession of Identity Information and Illegal Possession of Ammunition. They have been identified as, Ricardo Clarke, otherwise called (Rickie )  35-year-old firefighter of New Mill District. Romona Wong Swaby, otherwise called “Mona”, 19-year-old receptionist of Bethel Town. Rena Bumaman, otherwise called “Mitchell”, 42-year-old Hairdresser of New Mills District. Sheldon Gayle,  otherwise called “Tweetie Bird”,22-year-old unemployed of New Mills District. Martin Walker Jr., 18-year-old unemployed of  New Mills District. Rohan Dixon, 32-year-old laborer also of New Mills District and Dene Gardener, otherwise called “Dennie”, 26-year-old unemployed of Dongate District, all in Bethel Town Westmoreland.

Three More Westmoreland Lottery Scammers and Teenager Sentenced in Court

Reports by the Bethel Town police are that, between the hours of  8:00 p.m. on Sunday to 2:00 a.m. on Monday morning of June 25th, a team of officers carried out an operation in Stewie District in Bethel Town.

During the operation, several premises were searched and several rounds of 9 mm rounds were seized along with a large quantity of leads sheets used in the Lottery Scamming.   Several cellular phones were also seized.

All seven accused who resides at the dwelling houses were taken into custody and charges. They are all booked to appear in the Savanna-la-mar Parish Court on Tuesday, July 10th.

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