Twitter User Dragged For Questioning Spice’s Suitability To Engage Government Minister

Scores of Twitter fans came to the rescue of Queen of the Dancehall Spice, after a platform user questioned her suitability for hosting an Instagram live session with Jamaica’s Minister of Health Christopher Tufton to discuss issues related to COVID-19.

The user (Susana Haye) @susanadiel, whose profile highlights her as a Seventh Day Adventist Christian, a Librarian, a mother, lover of sports and music, wrote in response to a flyer Spice and Minister Tufton had shared promoting the live session, “Why not someone less controversial and one that most people are comfortable with?”

Within seconds fans tweeted their disapproval at what was seemingly discrimination against Spice.

“Don’t mind her. She’s clearly feeling some type of way it’s not her” said one user.  “I’m happy she did it. The viewing alone was massive and I’m sure more persons are at ease now. It’s great that she used her platform to get the information out as well. Most of the questions asked were answered. Ms. Hamilton did her thang”, said another.

One Spice defender asked, “Why not? Spice is #BigArtiste, Spice have more youth listening to her than to the GoJ and Opp together, Spice speaks with clarity and sense. I applaud the Minister for this initiative.”.

To which Haye replied, “And we cant find nobody else less controversial and a better role model to do it? Come on man, we can do better”.

The queen herself responded sarcastically requesting options for another candidate, as she did not know the messenger was more important than the message.  She said,”Who else would you rather? Since the messenger is more important than the message in 2020″.

Tufton having joined the live, revealed that he was very surprised at why persons were questioning Spice’s suitability. “Why not? Spice has a big following, she is a Jamaican but she is a citizen of the world, she has influence. I am Minister of Health and in a pandemic I have to contribute to healing the world and I am really happy to be here. I say to those who may think otherwise that all of us count and all of us have to create a solution for the challenge”, he said.

Spice added that message needs to reach masses and there was no better way for her to play her part than to engage her over 2 million Instagram followers.

“I will continue to use my platform to encourage people and to spread the message of social distancing. It is the people that can stop the spread not one man…Mr Tufton I really appreciate everything that you are doing…” the Rolling singer said.

Tufton also commended spice for her efforts and wished her all the best in her career.


Source: Dancehallmag

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