Gold Gad’s New Song ‘Quarantine Chap’ Is Trending On YouTube For His Henny Bottle

Dancehall artiste Gold Gad stirs humor once again with the release of his new music video for his new song Quarantine Chap. The single’s video starring his Henny bottle made its debut on April 12th creating such a buzz that within hours peaked at number 2 on YouTube’s Popular in Jamaica channel.

The deejay still seems to be riding on the success of his single Client Convo by releasing yet another scammer related track. In this musical staging, we are reminded that it’s quarantine time and apparently the best time for the ‘chap life’. With heavy bills to pay and a phone full of credit, its time to make a call – “As di money drop just sen it … dawg mi tiad a talk, weh di money deh? Mi wah you fi sen it off”, he sings to conclusively reiterate how he makes his living.

he 24h Chap deejay finds him self in desperate times with no frass or Henny in the house, forget food and water, he dials up an unsuspecting ‘client’ to keep up his appearance and restock on supplies. He deejays “Even though mi quarantine in a di house mi still a braff, di Hennessy run dung mi haffi drink it by the cork”, complaining his reasons for scamming.

The music video is the quintessence of modesty, after all there isn’t much one can do in quarantine. This hasn’t stopped Gold Gad from whipping out his camera for this candid home video presentation. The visuals were shot in what appears to be the common area/backyard of a townhouse complex, where you’ll find the deejay adorned in his customary ensemble of a white bathrobe and a less than quarter-filled bottle of Hennessy.

Like flipping on a switch, a stream of comical comments flooded in to poke fun at dancehall’s renowned scammer. The best picks so far are:

Real DanceHallFan: Gold Gad a the first person me ever see with a Pet Hennessey

Demario Henry: A who that, quarter Hennessy boss!!!

UNRELEASED VEVO: Man seh the Hennessy a done him affi drink it by the cork…. Like him nuh know seh a magical Hennessy that.. Deh Hennessy deh can’t pass quarter bottle.

Romane Davis: When dah Hennessy yah done him ago bury it and keep funeral

Unruly Jay: This man ah sip the same Bottle ah henny fuh 3 month now

All THESE VIDz: Yo the man say the Henney soon done so him a drink it by the cork to bloodclaat. To how the gad a move a December before the bottle done.

Kalyon Nation: Da Hennessy Deh Cya Done from Client Convo

SMG_ Buju: A when gold gad ago buy a full bottle a henessy???? …. From bout last year every video d dawq do issa quarter or likkle bit a Henny Ina d bottle

joejoe socool: Di man Hennessy last longer than most of us relationship

BallerBoy TV: Mi want a girl love mi like how Gold Gad love him robe!

Check out Gold Gad’s comical hit single Quarantine Chap below –


Source: Dancehallmag

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