Top Mart Donates Fans

Top Mart Store Cools Down Schools

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Top Mart Cools Down Schools: The Corinaldi Primary located on Corinaldi Avenue, and Howard Cooke Primary located at Catherine Hall were visited by the managers of Top Mart Store, located at 23 Barnett Street in Montego Bay. The two schools in Montego Bay were presented with two standing fans each.

The fans were for two class rooms each at the respective schools. Two teachers received the fans on behalf of the Corinaldi Primary School. They were Ms. Barbara Scarlett and Ms. Valrie Thompson both Vice Presidents of the school. They were very much appreciative of the gifts and they expressed thanks to the management and the staff at Top Mart. Some of the students joined the teachers in the reception of the gifts.

Over at the Howard Cooke Primary School in Catherine Hall, Grade 6 teacher Miss Tameka Allen also received the fans on behalf of her school. She too was grateful to the Top Mart team for the gifts. ‘I will continue to shop at Top Mart Store as long as ever’, said Miss Allen. She also brought out some of the students to share in the receiving of the gifts. Oliver of Top Mart did the presentations to the teachers.

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