Barnett Lane Needs Street Lights

Barnett Lane Needs Street Lights

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Barnett Lane Needs Street Lights: For several months now residents of Barnett Lane in Montego Bay have been appealing to the Jamaica Public Service Company to come to their rescue and provide more lighting to the community. The angry residents cannot cope with the constant darkness at night times, as this is risky.

Several commuters have been held up and robbed with knives and guns. They have also asked their Councillor Richard Vernon to assist them with a proper lighting system, but to no avail. “Just last month several young persons were going around the town writing down light pole numbers, and still nothing has been done”, said one of the residents.

When contacted, the Councillor said that within the past three months over 326 light poles were fixed in the downtown area, Hart Street, Barracks Road, Brandon Hill and Princess Street areas. He continued, “We can’t fix all of them at the same time, we have to take it stage by stage,” said the councillor.

The area at the lower section near the old train station is mainly used as a taxi stand for residents of Cambridge, Anchovy and Mount Carey. “Even them are afraid to stand there and wait for taxi, as most of them are robbed, me have proof to this”, said an older resident of the community.

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