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As Tints are Removed – Vere Taxi Tells Media and Government “Be More Tactful”

McKoy’s News (McN) – The Jamaican government ordered the removal of all tints on Public Passenger Vehicles [PPVs], beginning Monday February 14, 2017. This order directed from the office of the Prime Minister, follows police information of surge in attacks and murders on women and girls island-wide, by men posing as taxi drivers.

On Monday (Feb 14), operation “Removal of Tints from PPVs” went underway.

Over 300 operators of Public Passenger Vehicles island-wide removed tints from their motorcar, as the police enforced the tint removal regulations.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Calvin Allen, head of the Highway and Traffic Division, says several joint operations were carried-out island wide with the Island Traffic Authority and the Transport Authority.

According to SSP Allen, many PPV operators were complaint with the regulations, however, there were non-compliant operators whose registration (red PPV) plates were removed.

Vere Taxi Association

In the meanwhile, veteran taxi operation – Vere Taxi Association in Clarendon is asking the government, and the media to be more responsible in public delivery of information about the sector.

Fredrick Bryan, President of the Vere Taxi Association told the press, legitimate taxi operators (PPV red-plates) are being unfairly labeled, for acts committed by persons who run illegal/ robot taxis (white-plates), or who pose as taxi operators.

Bryan says the stereotyping of good, law-abiding, decent, legal red-plate taxi drivers, as criminals is affecting the taxi business. The public is now mindful of taxi operators, he says.

“I’m just asking the we are treated with utmost respect,” President of the Vere Taxi Association, Mr. Fredric Bryan, request as he discussed the issues surrounding the PM’s order of removal of tins from PPVs.

“We, have to be tactful in how we deal with our operators, says Byan.”

Mr. Bryan says he is in support of anti-crime measure. He sounded out a reminder that taxi operators are very important to the economy, and the part in which they play compares to any essential service.

Fredric Byan echos what the PPV taxi operators wants the public to know.

“Taxi Operators are the legally registered Red-Plate operators, the White-Plates – they are not Taxis, they are Robots”says Bryan.

He concluded with, taxi operators have been under extreme stress from the negative sharing on social media, and the information provided to commuters by the government and the media.

He pointed out that the operators have to be careful too, however, he is encouraging the public to be careful when choosing a taxi operator. Go with the operator you know, urges Bryan.

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